Monday, October 31, 2016

A-hole Culture Is Profitable (and other Quick Blurbs)

It's Halloween 2016. I haven't posted in this blog in about a month. I will try to keep this post short -- this will be me brainstorming out loud to post in depth later (maybe).

A$$hole culture is profitable. Who are the big stars on TV? Music? Who are the nominees to be President of the United States of America?

Assholes, that's who. If you want to succeed in modern society, be a total asshole and always undercut and subtly cheat everyone in your interactions.

You know it's sad but true.

To be civilized is to be superficial. Do you know what the standard of beauty is in this global culture? It's a mashup between Greco-Roman statues and latter-20th century fashion magazines. The sheep of society call this "aesthetics." They think "beauty" is a divinely mandated idea.

It's all propaganda.

Superficial perception is only good for about two things:  To identify health problems in others, and to communicate via body language. All else is vanity, and everything vain plays into the aforementioned asshole culture, that's so very, very profitable.

Everyone creates or adopts a complex worldview in order to pat themselves on the back. Think of all the racists and racial supremacists you know. Their worldview is just a way to pat themselves on the back for being who they are -- and they are who they are by no choice of their own. Now think of all the founders of religious orders and denominations.

Same deal. To be self-centered is to be a part of asshole culture.

The past 10,000 years (or so) of global civilization seems to be reaching a critical mass, where the jokes about mental illness (e.g., kids who meme often "joke" about suicide) and the actual occurrence of mental illness are at incredible levels -- so I've observed.

All modes of civilization relies on the pyramid structure. Capitalism? Few on top, many on bottom. Communism? Few on top to make the decisions of "equality," with the masses on the bottom.

People who say they're capitalists, but don't own any significant capital are merely fans of capitalism -- sheep for the real capitalists to deceive and devour.

The same can be said about communists who are part of the party elite.

The same can be said about people who believe in the divine right of kings, but are merely peasants.

Most of us are peasants. Virtually all of us are peasants.

The second son of a second son of the king is probably a peasant -- okay, a minor noble, at best.

It is better to be a "friend" than an "equal." Friends complement each other: One can be strong when others are weak.

Ethnic slurs are either pejorative or may be a silly way to express friendship. In a just world, these words would just be a slightly mean way to be friendly.

Kindness is not profitable. Asshole culture dictates that kindness is weakness. As long as asshole culture is profitable, few people will dare to be kind.

Be kind anyway.

That's enough negativity to point out for today -- or for this month. Perhaps after the election, I can try to write some positive solutions ...

I doubt it, though.

Good luck on the elections, all of us.


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