Friday, September 30, 2016

Just Checking In

I really don't have the time to blog. Or journal. Or whatever this medium is called these days.

For the sake of writing exercise, I suppose I'll have to write something here for the almost-completed month of September. I've used up most of my creative energy posting on Instagram. For a while, I've been posting daily on four accounts:


Thankfully, I think I've used up all the pre-made chord/mode/scale diagrams for Chord du Jour's Instagram, so I don't have to post there for a while, just like how I don't post at FoodBoozeTunes anymore.

So that leaves the three LEGO-oriented profiles. One is for my everyday adventures, with my sigfig and Kate's dogfig and a neat purple guitar. The second is supposed to be for a webcomic, but I think I want to tell that story in a slightly different way. The last is a feature account that is surprisingly getting some community participation.

That's all for September. My birthday is in about 10 days. Cheers!