Saturday, July 30, 2016

Penultimate #LEGO #GameOfThrones Post for 2016!

I started recreating still frames from Game of Thrones, in LEGO, in 2014 -- on Tumblr. Since I didn't feel like part of the community there, in any niche, that experiment lasted for about two posts.

I began to post LEGO Game of Thrones photos on Instagram right after the fifth season finale, in 2015. I re-recreated the first two episodes, previously posted on Tumblr, slightly improving the photograph quality. For the Tumblr version, I used an outdated point-and-shoot "superzoom" camera; for Instagram, I used a low-end DSLR.

I posted for 50 Sundays in a row, covering all episodes from the first five seasons of the show. I needed to fill the gap between the end of the fifth season and the anticipated beginning of the sixth. In fact, the sixth season was well under way by the time I finished the 50 episode photograph series.

I chose not to stop after episode 50. With the sixth season in progress, obviously, there were more episodes to recreate with LEGO photography. Without further ado, here are recreations from the first half of the sixth season of Game of Thrones, as spoilers in LEGO.

In "The Red Woman," the red priestess Melisandre is (1) older than she looks and (2) sleeps in the nude. Someone who uses the phrase "can't unsee this" in regards to physical appearance is almost always a superficial person. Being superficial is a very average thing do be, and I'm beginning to despise average superficial people. (Okay, not "beginning to" ... )

Jon Snow wakes up from his dirt nap in "Home." It's more of a table nap than a dirt nap. In any case, Jon was dead, and Melisandre's prayer/magic spell and ironic lack of faith did the trick. Cue the first lyric from "Days of the Week" by Stone Temple Pilots: "Monday, back from the dead ..."

We lost another direwolf in "Oathbreaker": Rickon's Shaggydog.

In "Book of the Stranger," Jon Snow reunites with Sansa Stark. He also rocks the man-bun.

In "The Door," a young stable boy named Wylis becomes Hodor, and Hodor dies while holding the door. Bran's direwolf Summer also dies fighting the White Walkers and their wights (zombies). The Three-Eyed Raven also dies, and so do Leaf and the last of the Children of the Forest. This is all Bran's fault.

I have three more episodes to recreate and photograph in LEGO, and that's it for LEGO Game of Thrones in 2016! Unless, of course, if George R.R. Martin finishes and publishes The Winds of Winter before the end of the year, I might recreate non-TV scenes from the book in LEGO form.

But probably not. I'll blog again sometime in August. Cheers!