Thursday, April 28, 2016

#LEGOPhotography of #KateMonth, Week 3 #KateDog

It's Kate's birthday today. She's 35 dog years, as of today -- 5 Earth years.

Anyhow, all April long, I've been posting Kate-related LEGO adventures on my Instagram. I call this month, "Kate Month." I've blogged about the first two weeks of the month; now, we're in week number three.

April 15th wasn't Tax Day this year -- it was on the 18th. I continued my binge-obsession with Ninjago, with another Mortal Kombat mash-up of sorts. I've been slowly developing how my sigfig (signature minifigure) would look if he were a ninja. He'd wear fancy clothes and wield a Weekend Whip.

My Instagram account hit 500 followers on April 16th.  I commemorated that milestone with various iterations of my sigfig, as well as of Kate.

I continued the Weekend Whip joke on April 17th, with a commentary on the weekend fun vehicle versus the daily driver.

There was more Ninjago-Mortal Kombat on April 18th. Here we have Kai as Liu Kang versus Nya as Kitana or Mileena.

On April 19th, I made another hypercube flashback to Kate's puppy days. Apparently she was obsessed with chewing on my hair back then.

In the LEGO community on Instagram, Wednesday is both "LEGO Horror Wednesday" and "Where's Ya Wiener? Wednesday." On April 20th, I tried to do both simultaneously, with a Yakov Smirnoff-attributed "Russian Reversal": In Soviet Russia, hot dog eats you!

Prince died on April 21st.

Tomorrow, I'll share the photos from Kate Week!

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