Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#LEGOPhotography of #KateMonth, Week 2 #KateDog

Here are the Instagram photos from the the second week of April, or what I call "Kate Month."

Just to briefly summarize what I'm blogging about: My dog Kate's birthday is on the 28th of April, and I have been photographing a bunch of random adventures of a dog and her human in LEGO form.

On April 8th, I bought a dozen (or so) donuts. My favorite donut is the glazed twist. For me, twists taste better when they're about a day old. Freshly-made twists are good, too. I've kept the food-related posts to a relative minimum in the month of April.

April 9th further commemorates my binge-watching of Ninjago. It seems that Ninjago is basically Mortal Kombat for the kids of the kids who played the original Mortal Kombat in the arcades. Ninjago is basically the bloodless Super Nintendo version. Here, Kate presides over a death match between Sensei Wu (as Raiden) and the brown ninja Dareth (as Johnny Cage).

April 10th was "National Siblings Day," so I photographed minifigures of my brother and me, as well as an extra large direwolf Kate and her litter of Kates. In reality, Kate's spayed. (See what I did there?)

April 11th was "National Pet Day," so I reenacted a photograph of a dog and her human.

April 12th depicted a skateboard race on a Hot Wheels track between Kate and a mutated fly Bart Simpson.

April 13th was Kobe's final game. This photo was taken before the game, where he scored 60 points.

We had pizza on April 14th.

Tomorrow, I'll post photos from the third week of April.

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