Saturday, April 30, 2016

#LEGOPhotography of #KateMonth, Days 29 and 30 #KateDog

We finish Kate Month with the final two days in April, the 29th and 30th. I must say that it has been an enjoyable experience "documenting" all the adventures -- real and imagined -- of my dog Kate and yours truly (et al.) for an entire month on Instagram. With my dog as a character, situations as surreal as my imagination allows, a good amount of LEGO, and a decent camera -- it's virtually impossible to have the photographer's version of writer's block.

On the 29th, plastic Kate and my sigfig traveled back to sword and sorcery times, to meet a wizard with a really cool cape. There was a pile of bones. We (they? we?) were on horses. My sigfig had a shield with the Mercedes-Benz logo. It was all ... fantastic. The story could go in several directions. I was thinking that the wizard was a necromancer, and the skeletons became animated. Kate and I would then have to battle the skeletons.

On the 30th, we finish the month with a hypercube flashback. I'm not in the flashback photo, but both Kate and my drum machine are. Both my dog and my drum machine are anthropomorphized as LEGO minifigures. The month of April was also "favorite three minifigures" month in some LEGO community circles. It's hard for me to choose my three specific favorites, but I like the characters of my dog, my drum machine, and yours truly in whatever costume.

As a bonus, I posted a similar photo of three minifigures on another Instagram profile, A Terrible Realm. I've also named the minifigure characters -- Memo the Drum Machine, Forge the Sigfig, and Katenine "K89" Farluna from the Far Side of the Moon. This particular Instagram will be more story-oriented, as it involves a cast of characters and a strange fantasy world -- A Terrible Realm.

In the above photo, the three minifigures pose as the three archetypal classes in role-playing games: Memo is a shooter of missiles, Forge is a melee fighter, and K89 is a user of magic and/or technology. I don't think the story will keep the characters pigeonholed as such, but we'll see what happens.

Tomorrow is the start of May, and at the very least I should have a Game of Thrones blog post sometime in the month. Cheers, and Happy Birthday once again to Kate Dog!

Friday, April 29, 2016

#LEGOPhotography of #KateMonth, Week 4 #KateDog

Last year, I celebrated "Kate Week" on Instagram from April 26th to May 2nd, with Kate's birthday on the 28th (her 28th in dog years, coincidentally) somewhere in between.

This year, since I decided to celebrate an entire "Kate Month," I also decided to place Kate Week as the fourth week in April, starting on the 22nd and culminating on "Kate Day," the 28th.

Kate Day was yesterday, so now I have enough LEGO photos to cover all seven days of Kate Week.

The 22nd was Earth Day. It has become a biannual (semiannual) tradition to give Kate a present for her birthday in April and for Christmas in December. Kate likes balls, specifically, the dog toys manufactured by Planet Dog. I'm sure Kate would like any old toy, but Planet Dog balls seem to stand up to Kate's relatively rough playing style. Long story short, this photo was a preview of Kate's birthday present: A Planet Dog Earth ball. Three forms of LEGO Kate Dog are presented in the photo.

April 23rd was St. George's Day, so we decided to reenact a Knight with a St. George's Cross shield battling a dragon. It's tradition, I think. In any case, I am still on a righteous crusade to make St. George's in April into an inclusive American drinking holiday, like Mardi Gras in February(-ish), St. Paddy's Day in March, and Cinco de Mayo in May.

I just wanted to make another cutesy hypercube flashback photo for April 24th. This photo also highlights the difference between a rawhide treat for dogs and a candy bar for humans.

I tried to create a pun-filled photo for April 25th. My anthropomorphic drum machine is dressed similarly to the old Late Night with Conan O'Brien character Pimpbot 5000. In this scenario, he runs an animal shelter full of female dogs, felines, and a hen. He also threatens my signature minifigure with a switchblade, saying, "I'll cut you, fool!"

On April 26th, Kate Dog the Skate Dog hung out with her new punk rock girlfriends -- Wyldstyle from The LEGO Movie and the Skater Girl minifigure who probably influenced the design of Wyldstyle.

April 27th was "Where's Ya Wiener? Wednesday." Kate and a bunch of other dogs want some hot dogs ... and perhaps dudes in hot dog suits.

April 28th was Kate Day. She turned 35 dog years yesterday. The LEGO characters in the photo try to emulate the images in the flashback hypercube. Direwolf Kate sniffs a blue sphere, like real Kate sniffing her new Planet Dog Earth ball. Ninjago Kate wears clothes that are similar to real Kate's Kong harness. My sigfig in a denim jacket has an open mouth like yours truly in a denim jacket. My Ninjago sigfig is also ready for the Weekend Whip.

April 29th and 30th are basically bonus days in the context of Kate Month. I'll post those last two photos for the month on either the 30th or May 1st. I'm certain that Kate had a wonderful 5th birthday, and I hope to celebrate Kate Month / Kate Week / Kate Day again for many years to come.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

#LEGOPhotography of #KateMonth, Week 3 #KateDog

It's Kate's birthday today. She's 35 dog years, as of today -- 5 Earth years.

Anyhow, all April long, I've been posting Kate-related LEGO adventures on my Instagram. I call this month, "Kate Month." I've blogged about the first two weeks of the month; now, we're in week number three.

April 15th wasn't Tax Day this year -- it was on the 18th. I continued my binge-obsession with Ninjago, with another Mortal Kombat mash-up of sorts. I've been slowly developing how my sigfig (signature minifigure) would look if he were a ninja. He'd wear fancy clothes and wield a Weekend Whip.

My Instagram account hit 500 followers on April 16th.  I commemorated that milestone with various iterations of my sigfig, as well as of Kate.

I continued the Weekend Whip joke on April 17th, with a commentary on the weekend fun vehicle versus the daily driver.

There was more Ninjago-Mortal Kombat on April 18th. Here we have Kai as Liu Kang versus Nya as Kitana or Mileena.

On April 19th, I made another hypercube flashback to Kate's puppy days. Apparently she was obsessed with chewing on my hair back then.

In the LEGO community on Instagram, Wednesday is both "LEGO Horror Wednesday" and "Where's Ya Wiener? Wednesday." On April 20th, I tried to do both simultaneously, with a Yakov Smirnoff-attributed "Russian Reversal": In Soviet Russia, hot dog eats you!

Prince died on April 21st.

Tomorrow, I'll share the photos from Kate Week!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

#LEGOPhotography of #KateMonth, Week 2 #KateDog

Here are the Instagram photos from the the second week of April, or what I call "Kate Month."

Just to briefly summarize what I'm blogging about: My dog Kate's birthday is on the 28th of April, and I have been photographing a bunch of random adventures of a dog and her human in LEGO form.

On April 8th, I bought a dozen (or so) donuts. My favorite donut is the glazed twist. For me, twists taste better when they're about a day old. Freshly-made twists are good, too. I've kept the food-related posts to a relative minimum in the month of April.

April 9th further commemorates my binge-watching of Ninjago. It seems that Ninjago is basically Mortal Kombat for the kids of the kids who played the original Mortal Kombat in the arcades. Ninjago is basically the bloodless Super Nintendo version. Here, Kate presides over a death match between Sensei Wu (as Raiden) and the brown ninja Dareth (as Johnny Cage).

April 10th was "National Siblings Day," so I photographed minifigures of my brother and me, as well as an extra large direwolf Kate and her litter of Kates. In reality, Kate's spayed. (See what I did there?)

April 11th was "National Pet Day," so I reenacted a photograph of a dog and her human.

April 12th depicted a skateboard race on a Hot Wheels track between Kate and a mutated fly Bart Simpson.

April 13th was Kobe's final game. This photo was taken before the game, where he scored 60 points.

We had pizza on April 14th.

Tomorrow, I'll post photos from the third week of April.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#LEGOPhotography of #KateMonth, Week 1 #KateDog

The month of April marks my dog Kate's fifth birthday. She was adopted/rescued from the shelter in June 2011, at the estimated age of eight weeks. Therefore, her estimated birthday is in late April.

We celebrate Kate's birthday on April 28.

All April, I've been photographing various adventures -- real and/or imagined -- of Kate Dog and yours truly in LEGO form, posting them on Instagram.

On April Fools' Day, yours truly as the fool and an anthropomorphic Kate wizard summoned the hatchling Kate, creating sort of bootstrap paradox. This takes place in a magical hypercube of tablets, with a photo of the real Kate "hatching" from a bunch of old t-shirts on the floor.

April 2nd had us fixing a broken TV, by swapping out the main board. I'll have to blog about television repair in a future post.

April 3rd highlighted my binge-watching of the cartoon Ninjago.

April 4th was Opening Day for Major League Baseball. Go Dodgers!

April 5th was apparently about Internet browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Not pictured was Dora the Internet Explorer.

I finally got to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens, on or before April 6th.

It was "National Beer Day" on April 7th.

Tomorrow, I'll blog about the second week of Kate Month!