Thursday, March 31, 2016

Season 6 of #GameOfThrones Is So Close, So Close ... #got

This is the last day of March, so I might as well post something on this blog. Near the end of next month, April, the sixth season of Game of Thrones will premiere! We'll find out then whether -- SPOILER! -- the recently Caesar'd Jon Snow (but not in a good way) has an active role in the season.

I'll be posting LEGO re-creations of Season Five shots, as well as some of Season Six shots, while the sixth season is aired on HBO. Until then, here is the rest of the fourth season of Game of Thrones, depicted in LEGO.

In "The Laws of Gods and Men, " Tyrion Lannister demanded a trial by combat. I used a macro lens attachment to blur out the simple background of a wall and some spectators.

In "Mockingbird," Oberyn Martell volunteered to be Tyrion's champion for the latter's trial by combat. Again, I used a macro lens attachment to get close to the minifigure subject.

In "The Mountain and the Viper," the aforementioned trial by combat happened. I wanted to cobble together the combat arena, but I lacked time. Instead, I just photographed a low angle photo of the Oberyn LEGO minifigure fighting a much larger Gregor Clegane DUPLO-scale figure, against an ersatz sky. I didn't use a macro lens attachment for this photo.

In "The Watchers on the Wall," the wildling Ygritte died in Jon Snow's arms, after the orphan Olly shot her with an arrow during the battle. Of course, I used a macro lens attachment for this closeup.

In "The Children," Tyrion Lannister, having been sentenced to death (Oberyn technically lost the duel by dying first), escaped from his prison cell, and murdered his father Tywin with a couple of crossbow bolts to the torso. This isn't an exact angle re-creation from the show; rather, I tried to simulate Tywin's point of view while on the toilet.

Since there are four Sundays in April, and I only post my #LEGOGOT creations on Sundays on Instagram, the next time I'll blog about Game of Thrones will probably be in the month of May.

If I post something here in April, it'll probably be about my dog Kate's birthday. Cheers!