Monday, February 29, 2016

Do They Have #LeapDay in #Westeros? #gameofthrones #windsofwinter #leapyear

I blogged a lot last year, if five times a month counted as "a lot." Now I'm just posting my #LEGOGOT photos from Instagram at the end of the month, in this case, the 29th of February.

Where were we? Yes, after the Red Wedding, we are now in pivotal Season Four of spoiling Game of Thrones, in LEGO. The first episode of the fourth season was "Two Swords," a title of which assuredly had multiple meanings: Widow's Wail and the soon-to-be named Oathkeeper (forged from Ned Stark's Ice)? Or Ice itself and Arya Stark's sword Needle? Which two swords?

Instead of trying to answer that question in a photo, we have the Hound eating chicken while riding his horse (The Stranger? I believe), with Arya (and Needle!) on her newly-acquired pony.

The second episode was "The Lion and the Rose," featuring the Purple Wedding. Spoiler alert! Not only was the pie dry, but Joffrey died in this episode. I could have placed Jaime Lannister in the shot, with Cersei and Joffrey, but (1) I forgot and (2) Jaime's not at Joffrey's wedding in A Storm of Swords (the book).

The third episode was "Breaker of Chains." This spoiler photo takes place across the narrow sea, with Daario Naharis challenging the Champion of Meereen, and winning.

The fourth episode of was "Oathkeeper." The making of this shot was personally interesting because I realized that I had forgotten I had a macro lens attachment for my camera lens. With this new-old piece of equipment I could really get in there with my shots. Also, I used my "I'm sick!" sigfig head as the Night's King. I used a Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Torch (flashlight) to give the shot a splash of blue.

The fifth episode was "First of His Name," with the coronation of the seemingly normal King Tommen. Again, I used the macro lens attachment for the photo. I also used it for the sixth episode spoiler, which I'll post here next time, so the macro lens attachment might just be a thing for these spoiler photos.

That's all for the first half of Season Four. I already photographed and posted on Instagram the spoiler for the sixth episode, so in the spirit of spoilers: It's Tyrion, demanding a trial by combat. I'm sure I'll have the Viper fight the Mountain in a future photograph. In any case, enjoy your Leap Day! Happy Birthday to everyone who is four times older than their "age."


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