Sunday, December 20, 2015

This Isn't a Review of #StarWars: #TheForceAwakens. #Interstellar #AmazonPrimeVideo

I haven't seen the latest Disney-Lucasfilm Star Wars movie yet. I'm currently trying to recover from a particularly nasty cough, and being stuck in a crowded movie theater for over two hours doesn't seem like a good call. For anyone involved.

The trolls and contrarians of the InterWebs have posted potential spoilers for the film, which I've stumbled upon on a couple of occasions. They all have the tone of "Darth Vader is Princess Leia's father!" with all the smugness that can be transmitted through text. (Sorry for The Empire Strikes Back spoiler.) Fortunately, these would-be spoilers are mostly meaningless to me for one reason along: I have no idea what the plot of The Force Awakens could possibly be. I have very little context for the spoilers, other than some vague, Star Wars-y type plot point. For the original trilogy, the overall plot was fairly straightforward: There's a war ... wait for it ... in space, among the stars: Star Wars. For the prequel trilogy, the overall plot is anticipated -- a kid grows up to become Darth Vader. What wasn't anticipated, however, was the overall quality (or lack thereof) in the prequels' three-movie character arc. For this new trilogy, I don't know what to expect, except for being introduced to new characters as well as some old favorites.

I'll see the movie when I see the movie, I suppose.

In lieu of the new Star Wars film currently in theaters, I watched Interstellar on Amazon Prime Video, from the comfort of home (and a pause button). I've resigned myself to enjoying most stories on a fairly superficial level; if it's told well, I'll probably enjoy the film, no matter the subtext, themes, propaganda, or moralizing. Interstellar was a story that was told well, through striking visuals and overall story tightness. And acting, I guess. Like many before me, the overall plot totally reminded me of the Queen song "'39," written and sung by now-astrophysicist Brian May. (Freddie Mercury sang the song whenever the band played it live.) The song even goes well with the end credits of the movie.

And yes, SPOILER!, I saw the bootstrap paradox coming from a mile away, or should I say a light year away. I suppose I've been watching too much Doctor Who, for my own good.

Speaking of which, err, Who, I can't wait for the Doctor Who Christmas Special on Christmas Day. Well, I'll be watching it the day after Christmas, either on Google Play or Amazon Video.

That's enough wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey -- spacey-wacey? -- for tonight.

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