Friday, June 5, 2015

Donuts: Every Day Is National ___ Day, Regardless of Country

Every day seems to be a "national" non-holiday on social media. There was siblings day and puppy day and dog day and another puppy/dog day ... and today was "National Donut Day." There is probably some historical context for the naming of these not-so-high holy days, but the outcome is about the same for most of these holidays -- you don't get a day off, and a handful of hashtags trend for that day, and that day only.

Look, you don't need to be inspired to post things just because it's "National ___ Day" (as I ironically blog about National Donut Day on National Donut Day). Post that cute throwback photo of your sibling and yourself on an arbitrary day; it doesn't have to be Memory Lane Monday, Time Machine Tuesday, Wayback Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, or Flashback Friday. Post that photo of your pet on any day you choose. And all those food photos.  And selfies. You do not need a trending occasion to spam the feeds of your friends and followers.

Since it's National Donut (Doughnut) Day, I want to tell you about my favorite donut of all time: The glazed Twist.

Do the Twist.

The Twist is my favorite donut because (1) it is delicious and (2) for sentimental reasons. It has been my favorite donut since childhood. The local donut shop in my childhood hometown was Winchell's, and they made the Twist. The Winchell's became a Donut Star, and thankfully, their Twists tasted about the same (you can't go wrong with glazed sugar). The Donut Star probably became something else.

In any case, the local donut shop in my current hometown -- an independent, non-chain donut shop -- makes a might good Twist, as well as other kinds of donuts. It's good to be a regular customer at your local, independent store. You're actually affecting the local economy, with maximum effect, as a customer of a local small business.

And that's all I have to say about donuts and money for now. I will have to come up with something either serious or kooky for next time. In the meanwhile, here are more Instagram photos of donuts:

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