Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dogs Should Inherit the Earth After Humanity

Civilization isn't hurting the Earth. Global warming and climate change, anthropomorphic or cyclical, aren't going to end the world. The Earth isn't going anywhere. The Earth has a good couple of billion years before the Sun expands and consumes the Earth. No, in all likelihood, civilized humans are gradually making the Earth uninhabitable for humanity and several other species. It's not really up for political debate, and the only realistic solutions seem to address delaying the inevitable: Extinction.

We, with our factories and machines, are poisoning the sky and the water, killing living things in the sky and the water, and killing those who breathe sky and drink water. Our extinction might be by suicide, or it might be a mercy killing from the Earth itself -- a super-volcano eruption, perhaps? Alternatively, the execution might come in the form of cosmic justice, an asteroid or comet like one that ended the Age of the Reptiles. If we can anthropomorphize and mythologize the extinction of the dinosaurs: What crimes did the dinosaurs do to deserve their fate? Did they fart too much? What crimes did human beings do to deserve our fate? Do we fart too much?

As mentioned earlier, in all likelihood, humans will make the Earth uninhabitable for humans, as well as their domesticated animals, and thousands upon thousands of known and unknown species. In this vacuum of life, several species will prosper in the Earth, eventually giving birth to newer and better-adapted species, and at least one species might possibly "eat the forbidden fruit" and assume "control" over the entire planet, like the civilized humans before them.

If it is possible, I want (the successor species to) dogs to escape the inevitable anthropomorphically-caused mass extinction. After all, they deserve a place at the top of the food chain, after having a been a junior partner in the rise of humanity for the past tens of thousands of years, since the first man and the first wolf hunted cooperatively. Future dog-kind can experiment with the Earth all they want, probably digging holes everywhere and having a canine Olympics that revolve around retrieving and fetching things. In any case, dogs might be better stewards of various forms of life on Earth than human beings are right now.

If I have any say in the perceived "succession" of Earth, which I really don't have any say, I want to give the Earth to dogs, as a birthday present to my dog Kate. She's turning four, or twenty-eight dog years, sometime near the end of this month. Kate is spayed (not to be confused with the brand Kate Spade), so her genes will not somehow filter into the future of canine-dom ... unless I do something foolish, like clone my dog.

Let us hope that dogs will inherit the Earth, after humanity. With no humans around, dogs will have to be loyal to and unconditionally love the Earth itself, and that is a comforting thought. Maybe the goodness of dogs would convince the Sun to never expand into the Earth's orbit ... maybe.

Speaking of the Sun, my other, more tangible birthday gift to Kate is a "Sol" dog ball by Planet Dog. Just don't tell her; it'll ruin the surprise.

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