Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bedtime Stories (for Dogs)

Several years ago, I tried to turn this blog into a webcomic. I drew some scribbly images -- a woman with a shotgun, some zombies, a few vampires, and other miscellaneous freaks and ghouls -- and it was kind of awful. If I recall, there was some sort of unstated plot to the images, but I kept repeating the same sequences of events with different thought bubbles every day, like a wannabe Dinosaur Comics.

I eventually got bored, and I stopped "writing" those webcomics.

A couple of years ago, I wanted to write a more focused visual adventure (okay, another webcomic, but better!), but instead of trying to draw each panel, I would use photographs featuring LEGO bricks and minifigures. I went on Bricklink to buy all sorts of parts, "cast" my main characters, and outlined how I wanted to present my ridiculous tale. It was supposed to be "bedtime stories for dogs" because one of the heroes was an anthropomorphic version of my dog Kate, with a silly supporting cast, and an epic scope that pretty much rips off Doctor Who. Sort of. It was a fantasy-comedy-type deal, and all those things pretty much sum up to being Doctor Who-like. Or Supernatural-like. I was going to have each episode / webcomic / installment on my Tumblr site, A Terrible Realm, because I had hoped that the Tumblr community would dig this kind of stuff, and it would be a successful webcomic.

I had to stop, before I even began, because I didn't have the time. I didn't make the time. I took naps instead.

I want to try again. I have the LEGO, enough to make child-me jealous of older-me, and I have since acquired a fairly decent DSLR camera. I'm going to continue developing what I conceptualized two years ago. There's a "Mary Sue" of my dog. In space. On a spaceship. There's going to be an ersatz Doctor Who Doctor, but not a direct copy/plagiarism. Hopefully. More like an homage. Or a satire. A parody, really. There will be a silly swordsman and a badass gunslinger. It will take place in different time eras, but time travel won't be used, I don't think.  I just have to come up with snappy stories with the right tone, good enough to be a series of bedtime stories. For dogs.

Instead of Tumblr, I will post these adventures here. On this blog. Maybe YouTube. Motion comics? What are motion comics? I will definitely not attempt stop-motion for this series. It took hours to photograph and compile 13 seconds of useable frames, at 15 frames per second. I had to loop the footage have a 15-second video for Instagram. I mentioned this video in previous blog post(s):

A video posted by Ryan DeRamos (@ryan_deramos) on
That's all for now. Hopefully I can start posting these adventures in the immediate future. If not, at least I can type a sort of status update on this thing. Cheers!

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