Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Surefire* Way to Success**

1. Exploit everyone around you.

2. Sell unnecessary products/services/messages to people

3. ???

4. PROFIT!!!

I'm only kidding; there is no mystery to step 3 because it doesn't exist. Total completion of steps 1 and 2 will almost certainly lead to step 4. This four-step three-step method to success is valid for virtually every form of civilization, from kingdoms to capitalist countries to communist countries.

If you were kind to everyone around you, there really is no guarantee for success**. While you are concerned about others, those who are only concerned about themselves will speed closer to step 4. The likely spectrum of outcomes for kindness will range between failure and meh.

If you had a revolutionary product or service or message, truly useful to as many people as possible, there really is no guarantee for success**, at least for you. Someone might give you the ol' step 1, and turn what was once useful into stuff people don't need. In any case, the likely spectrum of outcomes for useful things will range from meh to martyrdom.

How's that for cynicism? It's totally unnecessary ...

*There are always risks involved, like competing against more skilled, powerful, and corrupt individuals.
**Success, as defined by step 4: PROFIT!!!

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