Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Greatest Derogatory Slur and Most Honest Euphemism of All Time!


Lesser is what is truly meant when someone uses a term or phrase to put down another person (or place or thing or idea). If you call someone an a-, you really mean lesser, one who is beneath your self-perceived status. If I call someone a b-, I really mean lesser. If she calls someone a c-, she means lesser. If he calls someone a d-, he means lesser. If they call someone an e- or an f- or a g-, they mean lesser. If we call someone an h-, i-, j-, k-, we mean lesser. L-? Lesser. M-, n-, o-, p-? Lesser. Q-, r-, s-, t-, u-, v-? Lesser. W-, x-, y-, z-? You get the idea.

Since it is nowhere near an explicit word in the English language today, lesser is also a euphemism for every derogatory term that ultimately means or at least implies "lesser."

Therefore, lesser should be a thing, but feel free to use a synonym (inferior, sub-this, or sub-that) or a translation for other languages.

What is the opposite of lesser? Neither implying equality nor superiority, the opposite of lesser is friend.

The photo of the Pleiades is from my Instagram account.

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