Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Hey, Assbutt!" Rendered in LEGO #castiel #supernatural #lego

It's the end of August, and I really have nothing much to write about August, as far as this blog is concerned.  Instead, I am posting one of my most popular posts on Tumblr (a whopping 22 notes so far).  It is actually more popular on Pinterest (49 combined repins and likes so far).  So without further ado, here is a re-creation of the "Hey, Assbutt!" scene from the fifth season finale of the show Supernatural, rendered in LEGO:

Bobby's clothes are the wrong color, but I couldn't resist using the beaver baseball cap for the LEGO minifigure that represents actor Jim Beaver.

For reference, here is the scene from the episode "Swan Song."  Spoilers a-plenty:

"Hey, Assbutt!" is not a multi-hundred or multi-thousand shared photo (yet?), but I'm happy some fans of the show enjoyed my little macro photography snapshot.  Until next month!  Maybe I'll have a topic for this blog to write in-depth, and if not, I might write about Breaking Bad or more Doctor Who.  Cheers!