Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Update on This Blog about Updates on Blogs That Are Not This Blog

Chord du Jour has existed about as long as  Due to the overall usefulness of that blog -- mostly guitar chord charts -- Chord du Jour has had more readers than  Even in's heyday, around 2007, when everything politically-related inspired me to blog often, Chord du Jour had more readers.  Right now, we're posting about three entries per day to fill up the Chord du Jour Dictionary.  I'm very excited about how this particular project is growing.

Chord du Jour has a Facebook fan page and a Twitter profile.  Neither page has many followers, but the important part is that Google index these (hopefully) useful scale and chord diagrams.  DeRamos Music's Facebook page also automatically posts links to each new Dictionary entry.

Kate has a logo.  Logos are cool.
My favorite canine Kate has recently taken over the old toy-related blog, renaming it Kate's Toys.  In the past, Guess Who's Toys? (as in the toys of  character with the pseudonym Guess Who, not guess who is, or even guess whose) only tried to sell random toys with affiliate links and little information beside that.  That sort of strategy only worked around Christmastime.  Kate's Toys will sometimes post affiliate links, but in the context of Kate's real and imagined adventures, since the entries are now written from Kate's canine point of view.  In addition to the blog being about toys for kids (of all ages), Kate's Toys also focuses on the pup-prietor's expertise:  Dog stuff.

Right now, Kate's Toys doesn't really warrant having it's own Facebook page, but various entries do end up as links on DeRamos Media's (not to be confused with DeRamos Music's) Facebook page.  Kate does, however, have a Twitter account.  Kate also owns a really good domain name -- -- that currently forwards to her Pinterest board.

"I like it!"
I am slowly gearing up to transform a Tumblr blog called A Terrible Realm into an ambitious, yet silly, webcomic adventure, similar to the Webcomic that I posted here about three to four years ago.  This time around, I hope to try to make sense.

In the meanwhile, I am simply fascinated by the social network and subculture of Tumblr itself.  I've been following various Tumblr blogs of fandoms such as the band Queen, the show Doctor Who, the show Supernatural, creations from LEGO bricks and minifigures -- basically all the stuff that Kate likes (and I like, too).  These fangirl and fanboy Tumblr users tend to blog and re-blog images that induce what is known as "the feels."

Tumblr is full of re-blogging, just as Pinterest is full of re-pinning.  I rarely re-blog because most of my blogs automatically forward to the DeRamos Media super-blog, as well as DeRamos Media's Facebook page.  I don't want it to look like we're taking credit for other people's work.  I usually post "original" content, if original means mash-up parodies and homages of Queen, Doctor Who, Supernatural, and LEGO, usually done in LEGO.  Even though I rarely re-blog, I really want other Tumblr users to re-blog, and I am thankful for those who have.  It's a bit hypocritical, I know, but in lieu of re-blogging, I click the 'like' option instead for Tumblr entries that I like, naturally.

A Terrible Realm doesn't have a Facebook page (yet?), but it currently has a Twitter feed.

I love complicated pizza.
After more than two years of hiatus, I would like to eventually revive the FoodBoozeTunes blog, if only to post the myriad photos of food I've taken, most of which haven't been posted on Instagram (though a few have).  One of these days, probably when I'm not focusing on Chord du Jour or a random profitable project, I'll write about food, booze, and tunes.  Maybe if I get the political writing bug, or at least inspiration for frequent random ranting, I might use the "tunes" tag loosely for that subject matter.

Any new FoodBoozeTunes articles will probably be linked at DeRamos Media's Facebook fan page (linked above, somewhere).  In the meanwhile, my Pinterest activity actually tells FoodBoozeTunes' Twitter account to tweet random things.

What will I do about this blog?  I'll try to check in every month.  I rarely tweet with my personal Twitter account, but publishing this article will automatically send a tweet.  I've been on an Instagram hiatus since the first week of July, so there won't be any Instagram-related tweets or Tumblr entries for a long while.  I've also been on a Facebook hiatus since the middle of the month, which has naturally increased productivity by an exponential factor, and that's not hyperbole!  I hope you all had a brilliant July, and may you have a fantastic August!  Until next month...