Sunday, June 30, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast...Then Remain About the Same for Hopefully a Long Time

In the month of April, we celebrate Kate's birthday.  In the month of June, we celebrate Kate's adoption.  I try to take several pictures of Kate every day, so it was quite a large task to select photos of Kate that represent every calendar month since June 2011.  For the most part, I selected photos at random, usually a picture from the middle or the end of the month.  I don't think I even chose the best photos from my collection, but as long as Kate was well-lit and relatively in focus, I'm pretty happy with this 25-shot compilation.  I think most, if not all, of these shots have been previously unreleased to the public, i.e., I haven't posted them on Facebook, Instagram, or here before.  I'll probably post the collage on Instagram later today, though, with or without a fancy filter.

I'm not going to go through all 25 photos, but I'd like to take this opportunity to reminisce about my large puppy's growth during the past two years I've known her.

I don't know much about canine biology, but Kate apparently hit her growth spurt between the months of August and October of 2011.  In addition to transitioning from puppy to dog in size and appearance (but not behavior), Kate's eye color shifted from brown to golden.  Kate received a rabies vaccination in the month of September, but I don't know if that was a factor in her accelerated growth or eye color change.

Kate was born with relatively floppy ears, which remained roughly the same size while the rest of her body grew.  You can tell how much Kate had grown between months by the proportion of her ears to the rest of her.

Around November of 2011 (possibly earlier), Kate's ears couldn't decide if they wanted to be worn up or worn down.  This aural ambivalence remained for the next several months.  More often than not, one would stick up, while the other would stay down.  I think Kate was just at the cutting edge of dog ear-styles -- modern sort of ears, all sticky-uppy.

The red Kong bone-shaped chew toy in the background was one of Kate's first toys.  It has outlasted all her other toys, to this very day.  Kate doesn't play with it as much anymore, since she's more interested in catching (and eventually deflating) bouncy balls and chewing on bone-shaped rawhide, but she occasionally picks it up like a trusty baseball bat, swinging like a champ!

When Kate was a smaller puppy, she would wink more often than blink, or at least when looking at me.  She still winks, but not as much.  I think her wink just means that she knows that I know that she knows that I know...or don't know.  I could always Google this sort of phenomenon, but perhaps some things are better left a mystery.

Around this time, Kate's ears stopped sticking up.  I guess Kate settled on an ear-do and is mostly sticking to it.  Random ear configurations are for less-than-one year olds, apparently.  (Kate turned one in April of 2012.)

In July of 2011, on the Fourth to be exact, Kate starred in a Happy Birthday video for my friends on Facebook.  One of these days, I'll have to share all five variations of the video to everyone outside of my Facebook network.

Anyhow, I included this gravity-defying photo from August 2011 because it is hilarious.  I'm sure I have other photos of Kate twisting herself in ridiculous configurations, but I'd rather not embarrass my dog (more than I do currently).  Kate would explain these positions as dog yoga.  Kate is a dog yoga instructor, after all.
Kate's now-relatively smaller ears indicate how big she is!  No matter her size and age, Kate remains a lap dog.  She will literally leap into my lap, as if she were a small dog, seemingly -- or purposely! -- not accounting for the frailty of my human body.  I currently have some bruises to prove it!  (I'd like to extend a quasi-sincere apology for including the crotch part of my jeans in this photo.)

In February of 2013, Kate developed a nasty ear infection (as opposed to the non-nasty variety).  Other than the first time she got massive diarrhea during her small puppy days, this was Kate's most worrisome health problem so far.  After several trips to the vet and various pet meds, the infection thankfully went away.

Kate turned two this past April.  I didn't know Kate for the first two months of her life, so I can only imagine the sort of adventures she had with her litter, and why she ended up in a reputedly high-kill animal shelter, while her siblings did not.  Back in June of 2011, there were two or three other interested parties for Kate, so in an alternate universe, I'm sure that Kate, or whatever name she'd have, would have a similarly good life.  This alternate-universe Kate probably wouldn't have as many pictures of her or blogs about her or LEGO creations that loosely resemble her, but it would still be a good life, hopefully.

Well, that's two years' worth of Kate for everyone, free of charge.  Here's to many more years of photos and stories of Kate, even if I'm the only one to enjoy them.  If you enjoy the random adventures of Kate, too -- we salute you!  As with every blog about Kate, I'll repeat the sentiments contained in this posting in the future, likely next April and June, if not beforehand!

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