Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guess Who Turned Two (Spoiler Alert: My Dog Kate)

As mentioned previously, the month of April marks the birth of a certain canine named Kate.  Sometime in late April, Kate turned two years old, which, according to popular reckoning, makes her a teenager in dog years.  Talk about terrible twos!  (I hope not.)

Unlike her first year of life, Kate did not grow exponentially.  She remained proportionally in the 60-70 pound range, although her vet advised that Kate stay in the lower 60s.

In the past year, Kate starred in a Happy Birthday video for my -- our -- friends on Facebook.  One of these days, we might share the video, well videos, since there are syllabic variations.

Sometime in late 2012, Kate learned to whine-weep whenever she wants attention.  Against the advice of almost every dog trainer (I'm assuming), I eventually give her that attention.  Every time.  Spoiled?  You bet.

As the year progressed, Kate became a Whovian.  Since she presumably has access to Snoopy technology -- in which dog houses are bigger on the inside, like the TARDIS -- I'm sure Kate fancies herself as The Doctor.  I'm just her lowly human companion, who carries Milk-Bone biscuits in his pocket.  (Since Netflix is slow to add new seasons, Kate convinced me to purchase Series 7.1 and 7.2 on Amazon video, so now we're caught up as far as new-era Doctor Who is concerned.)

Over the last couple of months, Kate suffered, then recovered, from a nasty ear infection.  She received some world-class health care from her vet and vet techs.  Following the advice of her medical team, Kate eats better quality food -- healthier than the (stereo-)typical American human diet, I might say.

I have posted various pictures of Kate on Instagram.  Her birth-month was no different.  In addition to the photo at the beginning of this dog blog, here are more photos of Kate that I Instagrammed in April:

Happy 2nd Birthday, my sweet and silly puppy Kate!  I hope to take, post, and re-post your pictures indefinitely, if that were possible.  I hope to return to this blog this time next year, and for years to come, to celebrate your birthday as sentimentally as possible.  Here's to Kate Dog!  Here's to K8 the K9!  Here's to Arf-Arf-Arf Dog-Dog-Dog and all the names that she recognizes as her own!


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