Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daily Instagramming + Chord du Jour Update!

According to the archive of articles listed to the right-hand side of this webpage, I haven't blogged here regularly since early 2010.  At that time, I tried my hand at a repetitive, fill-in-the-blank-speech-bubbles webcomic series.  By mid-2011, I've written a new blog post about once a month.  This monthly blog schedule continues to this day.

Since the start of the new year, I have increased my Instagram snapshot posts to at least once a day!  According to the old adage, these Instagrams are essentially thousand-word essays, with the subject matter ranging from my dog Kate to the adventures of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit to non-fortunes from fortune cookies to the status of the Moon (see above photo).  Those are important topics, of course.

If my Instagram habit continues for the next few months, perhaps I should forward the URL "" to my Instagram profile.  Then again, maybe not.

In other news, I am about nine weeks away from completing (a first-draft version) of the Chord du Jour "coffee table book."  This "book" contains 90 pages of keyboard (piano) and fretboard (guitar) infographics.  I've limited myself to four colors for each image -- usually black, white, and two other colors.  Each two-page "spread" has a matching color scheme.

Recently, I have been posting new images on Chord du Jour's Facebook page for two workweeks (10 images for 10 days), followed by a review on the Chord du Jour blog for one workweek (the same 10 images over 5 days).  I believe I'll continue this pattern until the book is finished.  Then I'll start on another Chord du Jour quasi-educational project.

I'll probably preview the new project on a work-daily basis as well, on the blog and on Facebook.  Hopefully the "coffee table book" images will be polished enough to actually be a physical coffee table book, or even a tablet-worthy publication, but I am getting ahead of myself.

I just have to create a new infographic page, one day at a time.