Friday, November 30, 2012

'Falling Up' #Documentary on #Vimeo (#Free to #Stream for One Day Only!)

(The hashtags in the title are for my instant posts on Twitter...and also to be weird elsewhere.)

Tomorrow at 10 PM PST, the filmmaker of Falling Up (Stephon Litwinczuk) will provide a free screening of the documentary on Vimeo.  It will be available to stream for 24 hours, but only if you have the password, which will be provided to Falling Up's fans on Facebook.

I probably mentioned it on this blog before, but my brother Jon and I wrote and produced the music for the film (other than the title track, which the filmmaker used a special program to compose).  We're excited that this film is going to be shown to a potentially wide audience!  If you can, please 'like' Falling Up's Facebook page, and watch the film on Vimeo!

Speaking of Vimeo, an earlier film that I wrote lots of music for, Élan Vital, is also on that video website, courtesy of the filmmaker Jason Loya.  Check it out:

Élan Vital from mindminer on Vimeo.

Also, on an unrelated note, I have an Instagram, so I can make my awful snapshots into something awfully pseudo-vintage.  Follow it, if you dare!  Here is my most recent upload:

Well, all right then, until next month!

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