Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A "Chord" a Day...

Guitar, standard tuning.
Sometime last summer, DeRamos Music finally got around to resurrecting our old Chord du Jour blog -- but this time, on Facebook.  At the beginning of October, we started an experiment in graphic design and music education:  We limited each design to four colors and tried to make each image a self-contained bit of music knowledge.  In other words, if a beginner musician was stuck on a deserted island with one guitar-related Chord du Jour poster and a guitar, then that person would have enough information to write and play for days or weeks or months or even an entire lonely career!  Obviously that's a lofty and overly idealistic goal, but I think some of our four-chord designs cover a lot of popular music songwriting, which says a lot about the state of popular music songwriting.

We're currently on our fifth week of these designs, which could one day fill a coffee table book, or at least fill up a redesigned Chord du Jour website.  Our goal is to have 18 weeks of these images, at five designs per week, or an entire school semester of music "lessons."  Here's a sampling of what four colors, four chords, and perhaps the truth can do:

Four guitar chords.

Four piano (keyboard) chords.

Two scales on the fretboard.

Two basic drum patterns.

Please check out our progress on Facebook: