Tuesday, July 31, 2012

'Breaking Bad' Season 3 Minisode "Team S.C.I.E.N.C.E." = Possible Spoiler?

This animation is probably a non-canon or an extra-canon part of the show Breaking Bad, with references from the first two or three seasons of the show.  However, if you place the creation of this Jesse Pinkman animation within the show's timeline, this implies (SPECULATION ALERT!)...

...that Jesse (and perhaps his friend Badger) survive the final season.  A few years or a few months after, Jesse tries his hand at computer animation.  The animation was dedicated to Walter White, so perhaps the drug lord "Heisenberg" does not.  If Jesse and Walter get into a conflict at the end of the series, then this cartoon might represent Jesse forgiving Walter for all the bad that had been broken previously.

In any case, Breaking Bad is an awesome show.  The creator of the show, Vince Gilligan, wants the viewers to hate Walter White, but I still root for Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.  Hal is hilarious.

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