Thursday, May 31, 2012

Blogging 'Diablo III' (Diablogging?) at Tumblr

I am not much of a video game player at all.  However, I like the Diablo series.  I like stories that involve swords, angels, and demons.  That's probably why my brother and I had a great time watching movie cheese like Season of the Witch.  (Not to mention, we gave it bonus points for the SPOILER ALERT! hilarious Nicolas Cage character death near the end of the film.)

Being late to the Diablo game, which was released in the mid-90s, my brother and I bought a $10 copy of the original game at the now-defunct CompUSA in the summer of 2003.  Diablo played well on a 1997 Windows 98 desktop and a 2002 Windows XP laptop, connected through a crossover cable.

In late 2003, we bought the Diablo II "Battle Chest" and had lots of fun hacking and slashing demons in 2004.  We played the expansion, Lord of Destruction, as well.  Again, we were a bit late to Diablo II, as it was released at the turn of the century.  Diablo II was sort of decent on the aforementioned 1997 desktop.  It was okay on our 2002 laptop, and played great a few years later on a 2006 Windows XP desktop.  We played multiplayer through our own LAN setup; we didn't bother with Blizzard's service.

In 2008, Blizzard formally announced that Diablo III would be released...sooner or later.  It turned out to be later than sooner, and the wait felt pretty long.  At several points, I was tempted to attempt to create a Diablo-like video game.  Then I realized that programming isn't something I could do easily (and I'm pretty sure learning would be torture), so I waited some more.

Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago, on May 15th, my brother and I received our copies of the game.  We installed it on our respective computers the next day, and got around to playing it (finding time to game is difficult!) the day after that.  It looks fantastic on a 2011 Windows 7 desktop and a 2011 Mac Mini.  (It is unplayable, due to video card compatibility, on a 2007 MacBook.)

At the risk of giving it a glowing review (keep in mind that I'm definitely not a gamer), I'd say that Diablo III is the game I've been imagining since I was eight years old!  More than the previous two games, Diablo III is a combination of The Legend of the Zelda and Castlevania II:  Simon's Quest that I've been playing in my head for the past few decades.  The serpentine bad guys in the middle of the game seem to come directly from my eight year old self's imagination!  Cheers to the developers, producers, and programmers -- I am happy to be a player.

My brother and I finished the normal difficulty setting today, and I can't wait for the expansion game(s)! In the meanwhile, I will (attempt to) blog my Diablo III adventures at A Terrible Realm (a Tumblr blog), with spoilery screenshots and cutesy recreations with LEGO bricks. 

There's nothing creepy about tortured giants.  Not creepy at all.
 I don't know if I'll get any additional Tumblr followers, but it should be a fun Diablo III-related project.

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