Saturday, March 31, 2012

Less Blogging, More Doing (Apparently)

I totally did not follow through with whatever I wrote last month.  Since it's the last day of March, I thought I'd check in here once again.  I've been so busy creating that I apparently lack the time and energy to document (read: brag about) what I've been creating.  I guess I also currently lack the time, energy, and desire to rant about things going on in the world today.

Anyhow, I could go into detail about this or that, or you might want to click away at some websites (by other people) that might have some pertinent information in the future:

As far as my websites go, I definitely need to update them!  I'm taking about updating both content and design:

And finally:  No, I did not win last night's gigantic Mega Millions jackpot (or any lesser prize).

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