Monday, February 20, 2012

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Happy Presidents Day (or Washington's Birthday)! Back when I started in 2007, I was mostly focused on the then-upcoming 2008 Presidential elections. Fast-forward to 2012, and we are again with a similar situation.  If time and energy permit, I will blog my often irreverent and irrelevant thoughts on the current campaign season.  I try not to totally tow the party line, but inevitably, my biases will be evident in what I write.

Unlike much of what I've found in political blogs, I like to differentiate between fiscal matters and social matters.  (Of course, overlap occurs when social matters use government funding.)  When it comes to fiscal conservatism vs. fiscal liberalism, I think it would be better to fluctuate (to a certain degree) as is wise for the current situation.  That is to say:  Sometimes the Federal government will need to spend money on Interstate highways, and sometimes not.  Sometimes a state government won't have the money to fund college grants, and sometimes a state budget will permit these opportunities.  The same goes for local governments.  Money matters should always be up for debate.

As far as social matters go, you can't stop the flow of history.  At the same time, human beings seem to be hesitant to rapid change:  Humans can't handle too much, too soon.  An abridged social history of the United States of America, from colonial times to the American republic, could read like this:  From religious persecution to a new land of religious freedom, from monarchical colonial rule to independence, from slavery to freedom, from a limited electorate to suffrage, from Jim Crow to civil rights, and beyond!

Note that the above took around 400-plus years to accomplish.  Along the way, there were a lot of hesitant forces to slow the flow of history.  Even today, there are politicians who want to legislate human reproductive issues.  There are factions in the United States who don't want committed couples to file joint tax returns (because that's what Federally-recognized "marriage" boils down to)!

I'll elaborate more on these issues in future blog posts, with a lot of silliness and a dash of reason to support my opinions.  If the comments section is open, feel free to comment, just don't be a douche.  (Since this is my blog, I'll be the judge of that!)

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