Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August: A Month in Mundane Review

Another month has passed me by, and I have very little to show in the realm of blogging about it.  However, judging from various Twitter tweets, Facebook status updates, Google+ re-postings of the tweets and updates, and some random notebook entries -- it seems that I have filled this month with a lot of mundane (with random bursts of awesome)

In August 2011, I --

Made enchiladas.  Baked a chocolate cake.  Went to the Post Office.  Shopped at Target.  Ate at Souplantation.  Bought groceries at Stater Bros.  Purchased a lot of Ensure drinks at Rite-Aid.  Watched a Harry Potter movie marathon over the course of a week or so (spoiler alert:  Neville Longbottom is the hero of the story).  Had my one and only nosebleed of the summer thus far.  Attempted to learn how to illustrate.  Sketched and colored the above illustration of myself.  Tried my best to deal with a puppy suffering from massive diarrhea (Kate eventually got better).  Made various grilled sandwiches.  Dealt with contractors.  Bought chicken at El Pollo Loco.  Bought a laser pointer.  Watched my puppy Kate chase the laser.  Bought 20 pieces of fried chicken at Popeye's (it was their two pieces for a dollar on Tuesday deal, but that's no excuse for gluttony).  Took Kate to yet another veterinarian check-up.  Bought 24 soft tacos at Del Taco (seriously, am I like a Conehead or something?).  Jammed with Seven Minute Silence.  Went to the 99¢ Store.  Bought Chinese food at Panda Express.  Watched The Sorcerer's Apprentice, which was a letdown after the Harry Potter marathon.  Did some moderate couponing (not quite extreme couponing) at Target.  Went to the bank.  Was strangely complimented for my penmanship of numbers on my deposit slip.  Went to Petco.  Made scrambled eggs.  Fried bologna (but there's no way to make bologna taste good).  Made omelets.  Made a hamburger pie (the only recipe from a Bisquick box worth making).  Watched Marley & Me with Kate.  Ordered lots of stuff at  Fiddled with guitar effects.  Began to search for a better dog harness, since Kate chewed through hers (naughty puppy!).

Of course there are more things that I didn't bother to record for posterity, most likely equally trivial, but there you have it -- the majority of one month, with one day to go.

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