Friday, April 22, 2011

Check Out My Tumblr Blog - The new blog is called A Terrible Realm.  I have this big, overarching (and perhaps overwhelming) plan for A Terrible Realm, but let's not get into that right here.  For now, I am using that Tumblr-powered blog to publicly test if my set building, photography, video editing, score composition, and storytelling skills are up to par.  Also, I have to somehow reacquire the imagination and playtime skills that were perfected when I was around eight years old.

Yes, my friends -- I have to somehow regain, for lack of a better word, magic.  Wish me luck!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review of Heart's 'Night at Sky Church'

<meta> I usually don't write reviews at this particular blog (not recently, anyway).  My friend Rama writes film reviews frequently (more frequently than humanly possible), so it came as a surprise that the production company behind the band Heart's concert film Night at Sky Church contacted me to watch and review a DVD of the aforementioned concert film.

Maybe it wasn't a surprise.  In February, I recorded a rather gluttonous and drunken (and perhaps a good way) podcast while listening to a Heart greatest hits compilation album.  That whole mess of a podcast can be found at FoodBoozeTunes, which is a blog about gluttonous, drunken awesomeness (but I digress).  I think that podcast is somehow related to this new and exciting opportunity.

In any case, I agreed to review the film, and Miles High Productions sent me a DVD.  I watched the DVD, and following is my review of Heart's Night at Sky Church. </meta>

This particular concert was recorded in 2010 at the Sky Church venue at the Experience Music Project museum in Seattle.  The performance by Heart -- led by sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson -- was excellent.  I daresay they were as spot-on as in the 1970s and 1980s.  It would be rather impolite to reveal the Wilson sisters' ages at the time of this performance (Google it!), but Ann still has the pipes that can out-Plant Robert Plant and Nancy can do some crazy high kicks (take that, osteoporosis!) while strumming the guitar.  The kids in popular music today, who are half or even a third of their age, probably can do neither.  And yes, the rest of the band was really good, too.  Guest performer Alison Krauss (who has, appropriately enough, collaborated with Robert Plant, or as I like to call him:  Dude Ann Wilson) helped out the band for three songs in the middle of the show.

My only complaint about the performance is a facetious one:  Ann Wilson should have played a crazy flute solo at some point during the concert.

The setlist was a mix of badass '70s Heart (i.e., "Crazy on You") and sappy '80s Heart (i.e., "These Dreams"), as well as some of their more recent material.  Two songs from the performance were cut from the main concert film.  They can be found in the DVD's bonus material section.  I guess the producers cut those songs to make the show a good length for television broadcasts, like on PBS or wherever.  It was a good show, and it seems that the venue is a good venue.  (I'll have to make a visit to Sky Church one of these days.)