Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Possibly Fix Your Computer, Part One

I've spent a great deal of the month of February resurrecting an otherwise dead computer.  Earlier this month, my desktop computer just refused to boot.  The monitor had no display.  I really needed the recent files stored in that computer (I hadn't backed up the hard drive in a couple of months), so this was a really frustrating time of trial and error.

In the scanned image above, I've jotted down a couple of hints, tips, and lessons I've learned about fixing non-booting computers and seemingly dead hard drives, since around 2006 (if not before).  Anyhow, I'd like to give a shout out to the helpful folks at PCB Solution.  Replacing the hard drive's printed circuit board (PCB) didn't fix the non-booting issue, but I'd like to think a new PCB contributed to the solution.

Stay tuned for more possible solutions to fix a dead computer/hard drive.  And please pardon my ugly penmanship, which is a lot sloppier than before.

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  1. Right! PCB replacement can sometimes fix the drive failure.

    I had a problem with my wd drive, I found this site:

    It arrived fast, and after the bios was replaced, it worked again, smoothly!!!! That's Great!


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