Monday, February 28, 2011

How to Possibly Fix Your Computer, Part Two

The solution to the problem of the non-booting computer either had to do with two bad RAM modules or two bad RAM slots (and thus a very unhealthy, yet miraculously still working, motherboard).  Sometime later I will determine whether it's a RAM stick or a slot/motherboard problem, but I'm glad the old computer is working again.  (The installed Firewire card doesn't work either, so this might be a sign of an ailing motherboard.)

In any case, replacing the power supply unit (PSU) with a new one from CPUtopia, in my opinion, contributed to the ultimate diagnosis and solution.  Replacing the hard drive's PCB (see Part One) cost about $40, and replacing the computer's PSU cost about $25.  In the end, along with partly dealing with the RAM issue, I retrieved some irreplaceable data for about $65 in supplies (and a priceless amount of effort, research, experience, elbow grease, trial, and error).

Right now, I'm getting situated on a new machine.  It's taking some time to make it like my trusty (now ailing) computer, but it's getting there -- and hopefully this setup will be an improvement.  Okay, it is an improvement.  I'm using my studio monitors to listen to iTunes mp3s, instead of using some tinny and tiny computer speakers -- so it's fantastic already!

So -- if you don't want to strain your eyes to read my poor penmanship -- the following non-exhaustive list could be the cause of a non-working, yet salvageable, computer:

February Flu and Files

That's my excuse; what's yours?

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How to Possibly Fix Your Computer, Part One

I've spent a great deal of the month of February resurrecting an otherwise dead computer.  Earlier this month, my desktop computer just refused to boot.  The monitor had no display.  I really needed the recent files stored in that computer (I hadn't backed up the hard drive in a couple of months), so this was a really frustrating time of trial and error.

In the scanned image above, I've jotted down a couple of hints, tips, and lessons I've learned about fixing non-booting computers and seemingly dead hard drives, since around 2006 (if not before).  Anyhow, I'd like to give a shout out to the helpful folks at PCB Solution.  Replacing the hard drive's printed circuit board (PCB) didn't fix the non-booting issue, but I'd like to think a new PCB contributed to the solution.

Stay tuned for more possible solutions to fix a dead computer/hard drive.  And please pardon my ugly penmanship, which is a lot sloppier than before.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Future, Conan?

I apologize for this long period of non-blogging, but I have been working on some super-secret awesome stuff as of late.  Okay, I don't want to oversell it, so I have been working on some super-secret regular stuff as of late.

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