Monday, May 3, 2010

Webcomic #016d: The New Photo Editing Standard

Sipping two fingers' worth of 15 year old whisky, Pastor Reptilian (who has two fingers and a thumb on each hand since he is a reptilian humanoid) says, "Microsoft has joined Apple in their stance against Adobe's Flash."  He takes in another sip, asking, "Is this a slippery slope?  Will this somehow affect other adobe products, like Photoshop?"

"Maybe Apple will upgrade Aperture to be the 'new' Photoshop for Macs," replies the Silver Werewolf.


"And MS Paint will be the 'new' Photoshop for Windows," says the resurrected human Justine (who was previously drained of all her blood by the then-Vampire Lord).  "Definitely Paint."

"Aye," I say.

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