Monday, May 24, 2010 Webcomic Returns in Late June!

We need to take another break!  We'll be back the last week of June, if not before then.  The trio of "freaks" (a foursome, if you count the Magical Shotgun) will confront the "ghouls" in Iceland, with the Ex-Vampire Lord (the new last human-human on Earth) caught in the middle.  The picture sequences should be interesting, but of course the speech bubbles will likely subvert the comic.  Check out the "story" (for lack of a better word) from the beginning:

001:  France
002:  Switzerland
003:  Serbia
004:  Serbia
005:  India
006:  South Korea
007:  South Korea
008:  Philippines
009:  Hawaii
010:  California
011:  USA + Canada
012:  South Carolina + Space + Titanic
013:  England
014:  England
015:  England
016:  Scotland
017:  Ireland
018:  Scotland
019:  Ireland
020:  Iceland

Oh yeah, and Happy Bermuda Day, Victoria Day, etc.

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