Friday, April 23, 2010

Webcomic #020b: What's My Age Again?

"When I'm buying booze, if you need to card me, card me.  Don't ask for my age," advises the Ex-Vampire Lord, who also happens to be the only Human-Human (who used to be a vampire) on Earth.  "I don't remember my age."

The zombies around him say nothing.

"I have to do 2nd grade subtraction to figure out my age," the man (wearing sunglasses at night) continues.  "I am no longer good at math, and my cell phone's calculator is too hard to use."

" old are you?" asks the Vampire Lady, in bat demon form, descending from the night sky.

Pulling out his wallet, the rather slick Ex-Vampire Lord answers, "Look at my driver's license.  I'm on the big boy side of the card."

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