Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Webcomic #018c: Loaded Words

"Some words are just too loaded to be useful any more," laments Justine the Revenant."Case in point:  'Liberal' and 'conservative'."  Continuing her politically-minded rant, pertaining mostly to the United States:  "There are way too many nuanced definitions, historical implications, and divisive opinions to consider."

"If you want limited action from city hall and like the culture of your neighborhood, what does that make you?"  I'd say some sort of local conservative or libertarian.

"At the same time, if you like the social programs and policies of your state government, what does that make you?"  I'd say either a state liberal and/or a states' rights conservative.  Or you might be something else along the political spectrum, depending on the programs and policies.  Wow, this is getting a little tricky.

"To add, if you like to have a moderately-powerful federal government, one that acts sparingly to help the country as a whole or to stop a state from being douchy - like segregation douchy - what does that make you?"  I'd say some sort of moderate, perhaps?

"I'm pretty sure that makes you someone who thinks too hard about these things," sarcastically answers the Silver Werewolf.

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