Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Webcomic #018a: 'Lost' Recap

"Last night's episode of Lost was awesome!" exclaims the Silver Werewolf to his reptilian and revenant companions.  (I think we're establishing that Justine is no longer the last human-human on Earth, but is now some sort of revenant, like The Crow.  The Vampire Lord who sucked all her blood is now the last human-human on Earth.  He's now the Ex-Vampire Lord, but secretive of his condition.)

"Spoilers ahead!" warns the wolf.  "Ilana blows up.  But I was eating chips and bean dip at the time, so I wasn't shocked.  Smokey 'Locke' throws Island Desmond down a well.  The bean dip was layered with guacamole.  Sideways Desmond runs over Teacher Locke.  Oh, it also had sour cream.  Hurley finally gets some Libby lovin'," he summarizes.

"Implied Libby lovin'," he clarifies, since they didn't get gratuitous during the episode.  "With shredded cheese," going back to the multi-layered bean dip.  (If you don't watch the show, this rant is half-meaningless.  If you don't eat multi-layered bean dip, this rant is totally meaningless.)

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