Friday, February 26, 2010

Webcomic #015f: Yul Brynner

"You know who was awesome?  Yul Brynner," says the Ex-Vampire Lord.  "He was bald, ethnic-looking, and had a sometimes-thick accent," he mentions, "but he played the all-American cowboy leader in The Magnificent Seven movies:  'Chris Adams'."

"Awesome," says Pastor Reptilian.

"I thought the character's name was 'Crescent'," replies a confused Silver Werewolf.

"Take that, cliché modern Hollywood action movie stereotype casting!" rages the ex-vampire.  "I nominate Zombie Yul Brynner to play Captain America."

"By now, he's more skeletor than zombie," muses the Vampire Lady.

"Even better."

I realize we haven't seen zombies in a while.

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