Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Webcomic #015b: Health and Vision


"My insurance is awesome!" gushes the Vampire Lord.  "I'm totally adding you to my plan!" he offers to the ghoul morphing into the Vampire Lady.  "Blood tests for everybody!" he declares while sucking Justine's blood.

Then, a bombshell.  "What do you mean my premiums are going up 40%?" he protests.


"Holy crap, why are my pupils white?" he screams, looking in a mirror.

"Hey buddy, you should see a doctor," suggests a reptilian humanoid.

"What's with the sunglasses at night?"


"What's with the sunglasses at night?" questions the Vampire Lady.

"Cataract surgery."


Be reflexively meta (more than one layer of self-awareness!) by wearing a shirt featuring the Vampire Lady wearing the "Ghoul Lovin'" design!

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