Friday, February 19, 2010

Webcomic #014d: The English Language

"Am I alive?" asks the Silver Werewolf.

"Yes, but the following conversation could mean many things," I warn, since my Deus ex Webcomica character is more-or-less bound to the dialects of the region.  This takes place in London, so I'm going to use some Wikipedia-aided vocabulary.  "Perhaps you want to go and find a saloon," I advise.

Saloon, as in sedan automobile or alcohol bar?

"Yes!  I can go for a brew," replies the wolf.

Brew, as in tea or beer?  (Or coffee?)

"Oh, I get it!" the reptilian humanoid exclaims, professing his understanding of this double-speak.  "How about some shorts?" he asks.

Shorts, as in shots of alcohol or underpants?  (Or short pants?)

"Hey..." protests the werewolf, "I am not a lush."

Lush, as in an attractive person or an alcoholic?

"Of course not, but you would make an excellent hooker," I suggest.

Hooker, as in rugby player or prostitute?

Now that this hoo-ha is over, this reptilian humanoid stein can probably hold the brew of your choice.  Otherwise, try the large mug.

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