Monday, February 15, 2010

Webcomic #014b: Unclogging InterTubes

The Road So Far:  (1) Justine and the Silver Werewolf are friends; (2) Justine shoots Silver; (3) the Vampire Lord (in wolf form) bites Justine.  This summary is not important for today's webcomic.

"I should stop reading blog comments and forum posts on the Internet," the Silver Werewolf says.  "I have misanthropic feelings after lurking through communities full of solipsist, pseudonymous morons," he admits.  "I'm pretty sure they macroevolved into a new species:  Homo sapiens 'interneticus'."

"Those are some pretty big words you used," the reptilian humanoid reacts to the wolf's rant.

"I consulted a thesaurus," the wolf reveals.  "It's a book, not a dinosaur, much to my chagrin."

The moral of the story:  Be more educated than the solipsist, pseudonymous morons on the InterWebs.  This blog included...?

The second moral of the story:  Wear a shirt with the still-unnamed reptilian humanoid holding webcomic spoilers.

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