Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Webcomic #014a: Story


"Whatever you do, don't shoot me," the Silver Werewolf requested of Justine.

She shoots him weeks later.  "I can't believe you shot me!" he exclaimed.

"Drink up," Justine invited the Vampire Lord (in wolf form).  "That's what she said," she said, as he sucked her blood.

The Silver Werewolf wakes up.  "Am I alive?" he asks out loud.

Yes, he is.  It is the daytime, and he is likely the only person in werewolf form when it is not a full moon.  "Hmm...I'm still a wolf in the daytime," the wolf states the obvious.  "Someone's gonna have to explain that soon."

He bumps into the priestly Reptilian Humanoid.  They apparently know each other through Justine, wherever she is.

"We must travel north," the reptile advises.

"If we hang out more often, they're gonna start calling us Leather and Fur."

This reptilian humanoid messenger bag might contain spoilers.
Okay, probably not.

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