Monday, February 8, 2010

Webcomic #013g: Stereotypes

"It's easy to shop for most chicks and dudes.  I have a system," declares the Silver Werewolf.

"This could get offensive really fast," warns the Vampire Lord.

"Buy expensive jewelry for the ladies," the wolf advises, "and buy expensive booze for the gentlemen."  He adds, "Of course, this system won't work for sober people who are adverse to bling."

"I'm not buying you expensive booze," Justine says.

"Whenever the system doesn't work, you're in for a long gift-finding process," cautions the werewolf.

"Heh.  Urine," comments the newly-transformed Ex-Vampire Lord.

Webcomic #014 (a new one!) premieres tomorrow!  Until then, let's celebrate this cliffhanger of a comic sequence...

...and sleep on it.

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