Friday, February 5, 2010

Webcomic #012g: Blasphemous Plots

"I just watched Supernatural 'cause I loves me some Judeo-Christian mythology," declares Justine.

"It is heretical to mythologize any currently relevant theology," admonishes her priestly companion (who happens to be a reptilian humanoid).  "Besides, such stories are satanic."

"By the same token, any narrative involving angels fighting demons is also angelic," she replies, "just like any telling of the Titanomachy is both Olympic and Titanic."  If you don't know the terms, look 'em up!

In the middle of the cold Atlantic Ocean in 1912, Justine comments, "Wrong Titanic."  If she were transported to the modern international games, that would be the wrong Olympic, too.  "Seriously, people."

How about this tote bag?  For groceries, maybe?

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