Thursday, February 4, 2010

Webcomic #011g: Flash-Sideways?

"Sideways flashes?  Alternate timelines?  Parallel realities?  Really, LOST?" Justine questions.  "If this really happened, then the atomic bomb would have been the thing that caused 'The Incident' all along.  Time loops anyhow.  The time travelers would have been there every time.  Whatever happened, happened.  Alternate timelines are irrelevant to those who cannot experience the possibilities as realities."  And so on, and so forth...

"That's the difference between a show with its own mythology and plot devices," replies a slightly annoyed reptilian humanoid, "and a webcomic that sort of comments on real life."

"I refuse to be swayed," declares the determined determinist, "until next week's episode."

Road trip!

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