Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Webcomic #010g: Realistic Shapeshifting, Part 2

"I missed yesterday's spiel," admits Justine to the Vampire Lady, as the Magical Shotgun also wants the same! topic.

"Notice that my clothes are ruined from your gunshot," says the Vampire Lady.  "Now, I burst through them as I transform into a bat demon!"  Continuing how this change affects her anatomy and physiology:  "My scalp's proportions have shifted a bit, my arms have become wings, and spikes have grown from my shoulders."

"What happens when you change back?"

"My bat wings become woman arms again.  Notice that my destroyed clothes do not return."

"And how!" exclaims the Vampire Lord.

"This was yesterday's topic!" protests the reptilian humanoid, holding a copy of yesterday's webcomic (#009g:  Realistic Shapeshifting).

"We're saving our LOST spiel for tomorrow," admits the naked Vampire Lady.  And yes, it was a freakin' good season premiere.

It is easy to wear clothes more frequently than the Vampire Lady, unless you're a nudist.  This is today's episode (without the speech bubbles):

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