Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Webcomic #013f: Negatives

"The complete opposite of something often does not negate the initial statement," states the werewolf.

"How so?" asks the vampire.

"What's the complete opposite of 'I will punch you'?"

"Is it 'I will not punch you'?"

"Nope," replies the werewolf.  "I becomes you.  Future tense becomes past tense.  Punch becomes kick.  You becomes me," he summarizes, using faulty dichotomies as his logic.

"How about 'She shoots him'?" interrupts Justine, as she shoots him.  ???? shoots the Magical Shotgun, confused by today's topic choice.

"That could work, too," responds a soon-to-be-unresponsive werewolf.

"'"You kicked me!'" answers the vampire, as he becomes human.  "Hmm..."

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