Monday, January 18, 2010

Webcomic #011f: Web Browsers

"I got tired of Firefox and installed Chrome," says the Reptilian Humanoid.

"How is it?" asks Justine.

"It's freakin' awesome!"  (Personally, I still have to see what features I can add to the Chrome browser.  So far, I miss the Echofon Twitter add-on.)  "I'm telling everyone about it!" declares the reptile.  Turning to a group of tourists, "Hey ladies, Chrome!"  Yes, it is a strange thing to have a reptilian humanoid in priestly clothing, flirting with people with the topic of Internet technology.

"It has a simple interface," the reptile gushes.  Indeed, it does.  Physical gadgets are trending toward button-less features.  Software like Chrome seems to lack the familiar "File, Edit, etc." menu bar, but all the functions are there.  You just need to press one of the few icons or right click to get them.  (Knowing the basic control/command + C/X/V/S/P/Z/etc. keystrokes is also useful.)

"Oh, did I mention that it makes the web a bit faster?" he asks her (rhetorically).  "It's as if Google asked the World Wide Web itself - 'Hey, InterWebs!  Google here.  Do you mind slowing it down for the other browsers?'

"And the Web said, 'Sure thing, Google!'"

"So did Google do that?  And does it involve reptilian humanoids?"

"I ain't sayin'."
Full disclosure:  Google stock has been very, very good to me.  And GOOG is most certainly not evil (nor reptilian).

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