Friday, January 15, 2010

Webcomic #010f: Pants on the Ground; I'm with Coco

TV! Blows, declares the Magical Shotgun.  This is the thesis of the following quasi-Socratic dialogue:

"Conan's last Tonight Show could be on January 22nd," Justine informs the Vampire Lady.  Coincidentally, the early hours of January 23 might be the last time I purposely watch Channel 4.1 for a long time.

Tired of the constant coverage of this real-life 30 Rock debacle, the vampire replies, "I don't want to talk about NBC."  She shifts the subject:  "I want to talk about 'Pants on the Ground' by General Larry Platt."  Appropriately enough, the Vampire Lady is not wearing any pants.  Or clothing, for that matter.

"You want to talk about American Idol, the show originally judged by an A&R representative, a bass player, and a former pop star."


The Vampire Lord interrupts the conversation, "They added a songwriter as a judge."

"That was last season," says the Vampire Lady, clarifying the facts of this season.  "The ex-pop star quit the show.  A comedienne will now help judge this karaoke contest.  Then the A&R rep. will leave the show."

Holding his local TV listings, the Reptilian Humanoid joins the coversation:  "Go Team NBC Executives!"  He's reptilian and a humanoid.  Apparently it is culturally acceptable to root for the conspirators in a conspiracy.

"We're not talking about NBC now," Justine advises her friend.


"Besides, the three of us are with CoCo."

"At least the reptile isn't directly in Team 'Big Jaw'," the Vampire Lady quips.

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