Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Webcomic #005g: An Apple a Day Pays for My Retirement #apple #tablet

"It is expected that Apple will announce its latest product, a tablet computer, sometime today," announces Justine.  "It should be a bestseller!"  (Well, considering that this comic was written on Monday and published on Wednesday, the announcement might happen on Tuesday - thus screwing up part of the premise.)

"My future, retired self is totally happy for this anticipated consumer excitement," replies the Silver Werewolf, disclosing his investment in AAPL stock, "but my present workaholic self has no time for the latest electronic trinkets!  Now let's drink on the job!"  (The writer of this comic also has little time for the latest gadgets.  He has plenty of time, however, for tried-and-true obsolete technology.)

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