Friday, January 8, 2010

Webcomic #005f: Celebrity Long Con

"It seems like the character arc for people who are famous for being famous is in two parts," hypothesizes Justine.  "Part one:  Being a Douche."  She explains further:  "Famous douches have fans who are young, naive, and/or equally douchey.  They have detractors who have too much time on their hands and cannot look away from the mess.  Then there are those who don't care one way or another about these "celebrities.  Famous douches probably hate the last category of people."

All the while, an id-driven werewolf parties while the human rants.  "I bite off zombie heads!  I do what I want!" he declares, after biting off a zombie's head.

"If they survive the vain recklessness..." Justine continues her lecture.

"I don't feel so hot," says the werewolf, after overdosing on zombie blood and guts.  He then vomits all the excesses of the day.

"...they move on to Part Two: the hope that the previously critical, and especially the indifferent, become their fans."

"Man, I was a douche in my younger days - two minutes ago," confesses the werewolf.  "I'm going to make fun of myself on a reality TV show."

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