Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Webcomic #004g: Teenage Butterfly Angst

"Butterflies have it right," muses the Vampire Lord.  "Their babies are cute caterpillars.  Their adults are beautiful butterflies."  Then he states his punchline:  "And their teenagers are locked inside cocoons!"  Hi-yo!

Apparently, if you're a centuries-old Vampire Lord, you know a thing or two about parenthood (and cynicism).

"Well, cocoons are for moths; butterflies have the chrysalis," corrects Justine, bordering on know-it-all-ism.  (Actually, I just learnt that on Wikipedia!  So who knows if that's even remotely correct?)

"That's good to know," sarcastically replies the zombie in pajamas.

"Adolescent people do go through a stage of being trapped and gathering the strength to break free," Justine says, debating the vampire's perspective.  "It's called high school."

"Thanks for the public service announcement," says the sarcastic zombie, with a hole in her head.

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