Thursday, January 21, 2010

Webcomic #001g: Extremely Ethical Eating

"I've decided to become a vegetarian." declares the Silver Werewolf.  "It is unethical to eat other living things.  I will only eat vegetables, dairy, eggs, and honey."

"So you're okay with enslaving animals for cheese, omelets, and honey mustard," Justine replies.

"Scratch that; I am now a vegan.  I respect all life too much."

"Plants want to live, too," the woman reminds the werewolf.

"Son of a..."

"You should become a fruitarian.  The plant doesn't die.  Avoid eating seeds, too," suggests Justine.  "If you can't avoid consuming seeds, you must crap outside, so that new plants may sprout from your feces."

"Screw it; I'm gonna have a steak and a beer."

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